The common misconception is that only kids buy toys. The truth is far from it though; a lot of adults buy toys as well, be it for old time’s sake or to add to their personal collection. Here we look at some of the most expensive toys in the world.

HMS Terrible Toy Battleship

Don’t let the name fool you; the toy was built by German Toymaker Marklin in the year 1905. You would be shocked to know that this toy was sold to a mystery buyer for $122,600, making it the costliest toy to be sold in all of UK.

Diamond Encrusted Hot wheels

Hot wheels came out with a Diamond Encrusted car to commemorate their 40th anniversary. The toy car manufacturer has been a juggernaut for decades, but even they were taken aback by the astronomical figure that the car netted, a whopping $140,000 was paid for the ownership of this miniature car. The toy is made of 18k white gold and is encrusted with 2,700 tiny jewels that were placed in microscopic holes on the body of the toy car.

Steiff Teddy bear

Steiff is the pioneer of stuffed animals and had created the Teddy bear line in 1902. The boom happened in 1903 and Steiff have not looked back. The German-based toy company even has a museum that celebrates their growth over the last century. The Teddy Bear manufacturer designed a Teddy bear with fur made of gold and eyes made of diamond and sapphire. There are 125 of these in existence, and one of them netted $193,000, making it the third most expensive toy in the world.

G.I. Joe Toy Soldiers Prototype

Every kid growing up would have heard about the toy soldier’s line, and some would have even been lucky to own one. This particular toy in question was designed in 1963 by Don Levine. Unlike other products on this list, this toy was a second-hand product that cost the buyer $200,000 in the Heritage comics auction in the year 2003. Unlike other soldier prototypes, this one has 21 movable parts and is touted as one of the finest soldier prototypes ever to have been created.

Diamond Choker Barbie

Barbie dolls have fascinated people across the world for decades. And this was one of the key inspirations for jewellery designer Stefano Canturi, who decided to spread awareness of breast cancer using the Barbie doll. He designed the Barbie doll to have a pristine black strapless dress and a 1k pink diamond choker around her neck. The Barbie doll accomplished its primary objective by creating awareness by being sold for $302,000 in an auction; making it the most expensive toy in the world.