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1999 McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Maple the bear (MIP)



1999 McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Britannia the bear (MIP)


1997 McDonald’s Teenie Beanie Goldie (#5 in set)
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The most expensive toys in the world

The common misconception is that only kids buy toys. The truth is far from it though; a lot of adults buy toys as well, be it for old time’s sake or to add to their personal collection. Here we look at some of the most expensive toys in the world.

HMS Terrible Toy Battleship

Don’t let the name fool you; the toy was built by German Toymaker Marklin in the year 1905. You would be shocked to know that this toy was sold to a mystery buyer for $122,600, making it the costliest toy to be sold in all of UK.

Diamond Encrusted Hot wheels

Hot wheels came out with a Diamond Encrusted car to commemorate their 40th anniversary. The toy car manufacturer has been a juggernaut for decades, but even they were taken aback by the astronomical figure that the car netted, a whopping $140,000 was paid for the ownership of this miniature car. The toy is made of 18k white gold and is encrusted with 2,700 tiny jewels that were placed in microscopic holes on the body of the toy car.

Steiff Teddy bear

Steiff is the pioneer of stuffed animals and had created the Teddy bear line in 1902. The boom happened in 1903 and Steiff have not looked back. The German-based toy company even has a museum that celebrates their growth over the last century. The Teddy Bear manufacturer designed a Teddy bear with fur made of gold and eyes made of diamond and sapphire. There are 125 of these in existence, and one of them netted $193,000, making it the third most expensive toy in the world.

G.I. Joe Toy Soldiers Prototype

Every kid growing up would have heard about the toy soldier’s line, and some would have even been lucky to own one. This particular toy in question was designed in 1963 by Don Levine. Unlike other products on this list, this toy was a second-hand product that cost the buyer $200,000 in the Heritage comics auction in the year 2003. Unlike other soldier prototypes, this one has 21 movable parts and is touted as one of the finest soldier prototypes ever to have been created.

Diamond Choker Barbie

Barbie dolls have fascinated people across the world for decades. And this was one of the key inspirations for jewellery designer Stefano Canturi, who decided to spread awareness of breast cancer using the Barbie doll. He designed the Barbie doll to have a pristine black strapless dress and a 1k pink diamond choker around her neck. The Barbie doll accomplished its primary objective by creating awareness by being sold for $302,000 in an auction; making it the most expensive toy in the world.

10 of the world’s best toy stores

With the rise of e-retail and with most businesses going digital, you might be tempted to get your kid a toy from a website. But nothing even remotely comes close to the ecstasy of shopping in a toy store. Toy stores are designed to bring out the child in everyone. With splashes of colour that can brighten up any day, visit the closest toy store for an experience like no other. Even with the boom of digital markets, online stores can’t hold a candle to well-designed toy stores. Here we look at ten of the world’s best toy stores.

Hamleys, London

When people refer to iconic toy stores, the Hamleys is often mentioned. The iconic toy store was founded in 1760 and attracts a large volume of customers to this day. The toy store which has seven floors of absolute joy is visited by over four million people every year. It is located in Regent-street in London and remains one of the most iconic venues that the city has to offer.

Lark Toys, Minnesota

There are certain stores in the world that have stayed true to its roots and the Lark store in Kellogg, Minnesota is a pioneer when it comes to expanding the business without destroying the old school charm. The store has a carousel and a mini-golf course for both adults and kids to enjoy. The store also has toys for all ages and has kept true to its roots by still functioning as a family-run business. If you ever get the chance to visit the Lark store then take a walk down memory lane, it is sure to be sight in itself.

Kid’s Cavern, Macau

The one thing that the Kid’s cavern doesn’t have is the rustic beauty that a lot of other toy stores in this list have. The toy store was founded in 2012 and created a niche by designing a 35,000 square feet marvel that is sure to get any kid excited. But the store’s biggest attraction is their magic candy land that offers kids any and all type of candy. The Kid’s Cavern is certainly the new kid on the block but is starting to establish itself as a prominent frontrunner in the toy market.

LEGO store, London

The LEGO store in London captures the imagination of shoppers of all age. The store pays tribute to the city of London with many life-sized LEGO replications of famous locations in London. The store was founded in 2016 and has quickly grown into one of the key attractions for kids and adults. The best part about the store is that it is slowly recreating the charm of older stores by paying homage to the iconic essence of the city.

Steiff museum and shop, Germany

Steiff is the pioneer of the Teddy bears. The first stuffed bear was created in 1902 and the boom began in 1903 when Hermann Berg saw their potential and ordered 3000 t be shipped to the United States. Teddy bears are so called because it pays homage to Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. If you and your kids want to take a walk down memory lane and see how these stuffed animals were made then visit Steiff in Germany. The tours include visiting the factory and the museum where all the stuffed animals through the years are placed for visitors to see.


If you’re worried about your kid losing out on life by being enthralled by iPhones and new-age gadgets, try visiting the iconic Si TuVeux in Paris. The toy store is also a magical paradise for children. The toy store still maintains its old-school charm and has toys made from across Europe. The store is filled with toys that require the kids to play and set it up on their own, and there is a general lack of toys that run on electronics.

Kiddyland, Tokyo

If there was a list for the coolest toy store in the world, the Kiddyland toy store located in Harajuku district of Tokyo will top the list. The toy store contains toys that are only available in Japan and contains many toys that are made from the pop culture that is present within the country. The toy store stands out for being true to Japanese culture and for its products.

The Little Dollhouse Company, Toronto

There are very few dollhouse companies left in the world today and the Toronto based toy store sits top of the list when it comes to dollhouse companies. The store has dollhouses for both kids and collectors who buy dollhouse for auction and personal collection purposes. To this day there just over 85fully built dollhouses present in the store and each dollhouse is meticulously built.

Charles Ro Supply Company, Massachusetts

Almost every train enthusiast in the world believes that the Charles Ro Supply Company is the Mecca of train toy stores. The store is located in a land over 30,000 sq feet long and has events on certain days where model trains are run across floors. Every possible model train can be found in this store.

Forbidden Planet, London

London gets featured for the third time on this list, and rightly so, the city is filled with toy stores. But none more iconic than the Forbidden Planet, the store is by far the number one comic book related toy store in the world. If what you’re looking for has anything to do with sci-fi, comic books or manga then drop by the store that is located on Shaftesbury Avenue for an experience like no other.

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